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Philip Graulty is a guitarist, educator and producer who specializes in contemporary and cross-cultural music. Recent solo performances include the Palace Theatre, KPFK Radio and the Solo International Performing Arts Festival in Surakarta, Indonesia. As a chamber musician, he has performed at LA Phil’s Minimalist Jukebox Festival, the Strathmore Guitar Festival, Feria Internacional del Libro, the World Festival of Sacred Music, REDCAT’s Summer Studio, and MicroFest among others. Graulty is a founding member and former co-director of the electric guitar octet, Los Angeles Electric 8. He now runs Bridge to Everywhere, a new music collective that explores connections between diverse musical traditions. Graulty is on the faculty of music at Cal Poly Pomona and is a teaching artist in residence with artworxLA and Jail Guitar Doors. He received his M.M. in Guitar Performance from UCLA.